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How to Force Oculus to Track Orientation of the HMD Relative to a Single Sensor

Level 2

I want to force the Oculus Rift to track HMD rotation only relative to a sensor. I want to place the sensor and HMD on a moving simulator but when the simulator moves or rotates the camera in the game also moves because Oculus works on HMD world orientation and position. I want to solve this on a game which I am currently developing on Unreal Engine 4. Maybe I can fix this issue by somehow resetting the orientation and/or position and forcing the camera angles but I also want to use this setup on VR games on the market.

For example I've a 2DOF(+/- 20 degree Pitch/Roll Axes) racing simulator and placed the sensor and HMD inside the simulator also used Project Cars 2. But when simulator moves camera in the game also moves. I thought I can fix the problem by forcing Oculus to track HMD transform only relative to the sensor somehow. But I couldn't find any option to force Oculus to use relative tracking.

Can you help me on this.

Thanks in advance.