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How to export Quill animations form Unity to an .apk?

Honored Guest

So I made a VR animation in Quill.
I exported it as an alembic file.
Imported it in Unity through an alembic import package.
Made a timeline and if I hit play I can see the animation playing and behaving as I would expect (I can also see it with my VR Quest 2 plugged into my Pc).
The problem is when I tried to export the .apk form Unity. I just cannot see that file at all.. all the other files that I made from Blender are working, but that alembic one from Quill is not there. Why?
Why does it work on unity, on my pc, but doesn't when I export it as an .apk and install it on my Quest 2?


Honored Guest

Good question, have you found and answer yet? I'd like to be able to take the imm files from Quill and make an APK too.