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I want to create, advance the Virtual world with a new type of coding with a quantum system

This is my pitch to come work for Meta and finally be happy working doing what I love.
I'm an artist, and independent researcher the box deep thinker inventor of a project using VR and programming a system unique to a one of kind Desktop Quantum computer built for advanced VR and AR sensory accessories to explore potentials to the furthest extremes of defense from hackers and viruses. Functing uses in areas of VR and AR in the medical field/ therapeutics, psychologist visits along with experimental weaponry and defense security systems. Coded locks to protect homeland security from cyberattacks among all other areas in need of this interest. Using my creativity, to build a tangible real machine in theory now but in the future I pray for the accomplishment of a lifetime, to be the one working on and designing it naming the coding programming and operation for encryption with it and help manufacture for the public a version that called beta VRQ version 1.0. I'd just be the developer of the coded layout, and the symbols and writing in VR the security program encryption and layers of security 4 to 6 different mixed versions for maximum locked-up security and protection after careful data conversion. Development, to the data injection via VR controls. Building the heart of the system in VR scaled visually will be a different experience when the line of code is done, the symbols are rotated at a 3-dimensional position giving valued meaning by degrees of spherical random positioning then recorded manually and locked in place.  Another working computer is a quantum-type computer with state of an art virtual mixed augmented setup system with bio-sensory data collected along with emotional recorders to convert into data and then converted into Symbols adding extra layer-like covers unique to each encryption. The last layer of security is a brain wave feedback turned to data translated to another layer covering the whole finished program or functioning data. Applied to the program of choice, undefinable codes and commands or software ect. Would be Sealed to completion, to move to the next area of the project. As long as a record is kept and locked up well useable and readable to be translated into the new code transfer to encryptions processing.
 The new built machine operating system with converted keys and coding the symbols makes the functioning of the build of a new era of operating system programming, and cyber security for VR/AR projects. Making a one-of-a-kind dream, an Idea, become real. 
Until more can be learned about mass production, pricing, and demands it's as real as it gets. Until someone or some company see the potential to fund its development. Invisible from the surface, the information of the internal systems IP, location, and all that stuff is coded as well in Cryptic signs Ethos is most vital to the systems information but system requirements and the name and maker won't be converted to Ethos Code. Protection from others and privacy for communication is my goal to bring medical, and mental health issues including one on one therapy easier. More accessible to addiction concealing when needed. A whole new level of experience to the safety of your home and identity. Hopefully, it will be cheaper to use VR for Doctors' visits and other matters of health can change the atmosphere to go with each session or situation that may come. In other automation jobs or robotic-controlled production, workers' factories could swing to AI and VR-controlled automation from home. AI and VR or AR is most definitely going to change the work industry pushed in a new direction for the future of jobs, medical treatment and therapies AI medicines, and programming Information protection from hackers making new strange but beautifully strong computers systems build in with VR tech supportive component's real life graphics and Quantum speeds built-in apps of the same above naturally to help people find what they need and can accomplish from home a sense of community those that have a hard time getting the right help when they need it. Or anti social ect.
By mastering and evolving this tech science the VR/AR possibilities strengthen pushing the level up to inventive creative ideas that could be the answer. At least if it was giving an opportunity a chance a prototype to become reality. This is my intro proposal. It's been with me since I was 15 these signs and symbols and a passion wanting to make new things, and new tech advances with AI deep learning assisting within the operating system to repair or update as needed to the quantum computers new coding after conversions I swear no one will be able to read it or hack it or mod it and the pc should work with ease but no need for anti-virus software I'm still working on that a little, I think I may have it though.
 I want to give this gift of code and make it into reality with important meaning to change and advance society's tech age. A new type of tech just with an unknown programming style for coding and a system to build worlds to bring humanity together on another level advanced this time period.  It to be used safely with no fear of malfunction or people spying in on your personal affairs, including web browsing or just right out collecting data. Communication within your community's new version interactions by building something of better quality than Facebook's metaverse but something that works and gives the people what they're looking for in a VR/AR experience whether it be gaming streaming online community, jobs, medical appointments, to helping the mentally ill, suicidal or chronically depressed.   
 I started writing unknown symbols at 15 I'm 36 now. Bored with an emptiness within me but continually evolving my symbols giving them no meaning or use until now. I realized my interest in building and learning computer tech when I was a kid my dad would give me his college books on programming and computer information I read them and started while taking everything apart and rebuilding them then I realized i felt I had a reason to make something of myself years into my life. This gift a continued unlimited amount of symbols I could write spacing out while listening to different toned music the vibrations I guess inspiration I don't know. but now have a purpose.  The combination didn't come to me until multiple years later 2 years ago I started planning and trying to find a way to combine my symbols converting them to a security system on a computer advancing the coding could cover everything within and data going out or network data connections would be also protected. Today I write this because I'm determined to at least go for a passion a postion of work I love doing, a dream wondering if I would have reached out and find funding hoping to try to make a dream complete? I still try even when others said the opposite and called me crazy for thinking outside the box saying that's 1000 of year ahead of us ( my father ) because of him I never got to go to college that part is complicated. He was a computer programmer but also emotionally and physically abusive and put down all my ideas so I left home at 19 and lost my dream myself until I turned 30 and got married, I dwelled more on my idea of development and helping others but I just could never fund it or have the right equipment or company to go any further than a thought or outline and a drive to succeed. I thought about how I would carry it out to finish.
This is step 1 reach out to anyone who will give me a chance to build this new operating system, me building a good small team of people interested in developing a new operating system a quantum desktop built by an already put together one with experimental programs for conversion than to transfer it to the project PC and maybe a one of a kind VR set with biosensors for hands to eyes to lock and protect the system from corruptions It will be the only computer like it I would like to work with Elon Musk but I could get ahold of him. His Nero link would have been a great reason to use the new coding Without the books written while in production it couldn't be decoded to the advantaged security encryption unknown to any other company. Star link as well so no one could hack it. His new cell phone product could have protection. I only want to make up to 10 books for translation if I had to. or sold the rights off. But really only 3 programming manuals to decode and understand the VR programming sequences will most likely exist
   Now I must reach out I can't stand it anymore I may not have gone to college but I'm very well self-taught visional and taught hands-on from life experience Trial and error until the errors are gone and then to be able to learn anything new to build or tweak the design or combinations but this is what I want to do with my time on this planet I have left. Now 36 I want to go for it and do it, make it real I want at least 1 chance in my life to make something unequal to any computer and how its built and its usefulness as one of a kind programming machine and system built with an unknown code with no sypher but what I developed working through the projects making. I'll have documented keys and all and writing of how to in VR make it work.
 I've always wanted to meet Elon more over I wanted to work for him I'd like to do this one thing in my life not to be known but to prove to the ones that pushed my ideas to the dirt and said it was impossible. I have a gut feeling it will be successful. I really want to help people and I really dream of making something amazing and making something new and more advance. Factory worker I've been for 7 years and this is not what I believe life has for me to do before I go, in my heart I feel it's this kind of work creative tech development, working with a small team making something I know that could change tech and basic security that's based off old school programming and codes I want to bring in something unknown and worth it the time and money. Worth a life's work of mine mentally that never was placed to paper until now. I tried to kickstart it by mentioning but nothing. So I put my idea out to pitch to it's both embarrassing and makes me feel alive and with some help a place to work, funds to fuel the project pair of experimental scleral lenses ( just an Idea for now )with modifications built-in VR connection via wireless from connection VR headset and or computer desktop built on the outside of lens a receiver fused to the outside for full visual connection like a PC connected to a VR without a cord.  Advanced VR capability gloves with sensors to the tips of my finger HMD Bio Pad I found one VR head set that might have worked but Microsoft wanted like $6000 for it. I believed proved my creative deep thinking was not for nothing but for this time in life as it comes together here I go I'm going to send this. Emailing this to common interest who might invest in my idea or give it a wild chance to see the outcome. some others in the field of new tech I'll send an email and see what happens from there. I can only hope after it's all over I hope Elon Musk will help in funding. I only got one life I better try so this is it. A new idea for coding and programming a new operating system, for security and communication with a built in Alien looking encryption. But its just a dream an Idea of deeper full sensory private meditation manufactured sensation, immersion of touch in games and programs, private streaming live and connecting people peer to peer within the community without the worry of copycats rippers' or hackers. To make it the safest Network system. the un - hackable coding language ever invented and dreamed up to build and program a whole new type of computer system with only a hand full of people to know how to program or translate the codes and commands, values and translations, actions and Applications unreadable other company's the internal makeup of how it functions the computer will be a guessing game the most secret coding an enigma system locked down encryptions symbols never seen or known within the machine.
1. It will be Unbreakable or hackable 
2 have complete privacy on networks streaming live or on search engines or messaging apps as it will be able to adapt to functions to engage and compete to go through with Operations of a applications but unable to be understood or broken into or leak like example DOXing with be unable to happen if this idea comes to life info but not be understood to the normal person with a retail computer or expert knowledge since the coding will only be known to a few that helps me developed this project to help others and bring people safely and invisible the info you don't want others to see or sell together in communities around the world in games and in working life's .
To help medical with appointments in VR with the feeling that the connection couldn't be over heard, invaded by hackers stealing information or watch by others. Just one on one Doctor to patient peace of mind right from your Home in a virtual appointment if one has a hard time leaving home or illness preventing them from going out.
3 VR and VA Psychology, or consoling 
This again would help millions that struggle with deep depression, anxiety, PTSD, DID, Schizophrenia, childhood trauma and other illnesses ect. It could be used for DBT and CBT, among other therapies at a cheaper rate than going in the ease of it shouldn't kill your pocket for a new aged type of medical theory.
4. Money app Ethos
I want to make one to encrypt and lock information personal information from ever being seen again by hackers or trackers and for Bitcoin storage and to fight fraud.
So this is my pitch for my design and idea I hope someone see potential and will give me a chance to make this a reality.