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Ideas about things to use the metaverse for

I have the ability to derive solutions for almost anything. I have been thinking about the metaverse and I get it. I have so many ideas for things we can use it for but I have no software or programming knowledge. I am a highly intelligent person who understands almost everything fundamentally and if I try to learn about it, I can learn it quicker than nearly everyone. I need help, I have at least 30 ideas for things to develop, and at least 5 of them are totally unique. If you read this and have the resources and experience to help me, please get in touch. I am willing to be scrutinised and tested, because I know that I have the ability to make a difference in this field, especially at this early stage.

I know that I have a gift to be able to picture things that are not possible in the real world, whether that be because they don’t exist yet, or because the scale of it is either too small to see, or to big to comprehend. This allows me to evaluate the pros and more importantly, the problems that may arise, before they happen. I do have lots of business experience, and combining this with my gift, allows me to see how we can monetise the ideas that I have, and more importantly, create solutions for any barriers that may arise, for example, due to government legislation or variations in local social culture/norms.
You will also see that I realise where we are on the metaverse journey, where we are going, what the possibilities are, what the limitations/hurdles currently are, and how new developing technology will enhance/enable the experience we hope to achieve. 

It won’t take long to get in touch, take a chance, and I garantuee you will be blown away by the type of individual I am, the lack of what I have achieved so far, and most importantly, the recently emerged drive I have to make the most of my future, and in the process, make a difference to the future world. 
I will be happy to explain why I am where I am today if you contact me. 
nirmal odedra +447949771213