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Intel Arc A770 support???


Why the heck is Intel Arc not supported?? I want a refund, I want to give back my Quest 2 as the App doesn´t support Intel Arc!! Meta, we NEED Intel Arc GPU support, NOW!!! 😠

Just give us the **bleep** support for Intel GPUs and Im happy! OK??


Honored Guest

Solved partly with virtual desktop but had to pay 20 bucks. It is appalling for such a big brand like Meta to not support to a GPU, from a big brand like Intel after a year. A year. That is quite stupid. I can't seem to change from 72Hz, which is annoying, can't do anything with the Oculus app, because my GPU is not supported...after a year LOL. Intel will roll out new GPUs in time, and people will want to play VR games on them...and they will buy VR sets from someone who supports their HW. Simple. Meta, you are loosing money. Not everyone is technically skilled enough to solve such problems. Plug and play.

Like what virtual desktop? Like you did