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Is TLS 1.2 needed to send Oculus user names to a non-persistent online scoreboard?

Level 7

My game (Starfighter Arduxim) is made with Unity and Photon - for multiplayer it copies the Oculus.Platform.Models.User.OculusID field to PhotonNetwork.playerName so player names show up on the in-game scoreboard.. I'm being told by the Oculus Data Protection Assessment team that the transmission of the user ID needs use TLS 1.2 as that is the 'industry standard', and that if it doesn't my game will be removed from the App Lab.


Photon doesn't support TLS 1.2 and it sounds like overkill to me to require it just for the user ID, as TLS 1.2 is used for things like secure web pages. The person emailing me doesn't sound like they know what Photon is which makes me think they aren't familiar with how multiplayer games work, and it would explain why they expect encryption more suitable for a business productivity app.


Can anyone at Oculus shed some light on this? Is it just a misunderstanding on how my game is using the user ID? If TLS 1.2 is required, how is this achieved when using Photon?


Also I asked this in the Developer->Quest forum and the Oculus Support account said to post it in the Developer forums. I'm not sure what it meant as the post was already in the Developer forums