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Is anyone doing controller health and education research? As well as Hand-tracking?

Level 3

TACTILE learning (hand learning) is key to Early Childhood Development. What a child grows up with as far as handheld objects (apples, bananas, cards, etc). Same is true for technology like controllers, keyboards, tablets. They change how neural networks are developed within the brain. Also, build muscle and forms musclememory (prioprerception).  So should childrens' games have time limits and parental controls for that? And should they offer cross-platform-controller function/s to promote more body diversity?  How would the software have to be configured to increase maximum benefit? 


Also, have to consider the differences in hand size as well as missing fingers, thumbs, or radiculopathy and other nerve conditions, etc. Not to sound Ageist, but isn't this a way to improve the present and future, even for the elderly? Hand-tracking for amputees and prosthetics?