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Load Custom Avatar on other platforms

Honored Guest

Hi, i'm struggling in make meta avatars work remotely in an online multiplayer game.

I managed to make custom avatars work between players with oculus, but the problem is that my game will run on pc too.

So what I need is that i can get the custom avatar of a remote oculus player from him user ID on PC too.

Is this possible? Is there a way maybe to connect pc on oculus platform to get custom avatars of oculus users? Because the problem is that on PC the connection fail


Honored Guest

Hi! Sorry for delayed reply.

So to reply at all your questions:

  • yes but it isn't available yet
  • yes I'm developing this app that runs on Oculus, Windows and mobile (Android and IOS)
  • No because my problem is not in the Oculus version but in the other platforms (windows and mobile).


It's because Meta avatar is a well built plug in that I want to use it for all those platform, but I'm noticing that this plugin isn't very well supported in platforms that are not oculus (and of couse it isn't). That was just a hope that I had.

Correct me if I'm wrong about the other platform support