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MRC Quest Issue

Honored Guest

Hello everyone, I am very new to all this, and hope you guys can help me out.


The issue is: I am trying to setup the "Quest" with the MRC software and I am receiving an error when I hit "Calibrate Your Camera". The error is as follows "Quest Connection Error,  There was a problem connecting to the headset. Make sure the device is connected on the same Wifi network as this computer and to make sure that the Mixed Reality Calibration app is running and try again".  The strange part is this is after it has connected to the quest and is showing a device found with a green light next to it and the IP.


What I have tried: So far I have reinstalled the app on the quest, cycled the power a few times, and have noticed whenever I got back to the quest while in MRC it gives me a "Tracking Lost" error and doesn't recognize the controllers. This then forces me to hard boot to quest to get it functioning again.


If you have any suggestions or advice please let me know.



I can see that user have same issues since 2018 and noone answer this problem!! Is this mean that oculus not helping the users and developers!!! 

Honored Guest

2023 tout jours le même problèmes et sans aucune réponse