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Massive performance drop, no code change. Unable to create a support ticket.

Level 4

My app has always run at over 120 fps when I've tested, it ran at over 60fps on the original GeavVR.  My app lab app Home Plate Baseball, has seen consistent performance degradation that started in June. I went from a steady 90 (on the graph, since so few people have 120 fps mode) to 70, and now down to 30 fps. Nothing has changed, I rely on no outside services (I call Oculus entitlement as required) and I might try to call the Oculus leaderboards.

My performance has dropped and is now terrible, has anyone seen this in apps they use?


I cannot login to make a support ticket as I get the following error as well.


If Oculus/Facebook reality labs/Meta wants to troubleshoot I'll be happy to share my source code/project.  I can't be the only one affected by this change and this would be great to get resolved.