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Meta Avatar Muiltiple precompiled assemblies error in Oculus Integration v44 (new issues in 2022)

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I have a Unity project in version 2021.1.3.11f1, utilizing the Unity Asset store Oculus Integration version 44. I used the integration to enable SpaceWarp and the next step for my project was to import Meta avatars, but I ran into an issue that seems to be covered here previously. When bringing in the Meta Avatars SDK version 17.2, I get pre-compiled assembly errors. A previous post on the Meta forums had a solution which was to exclude the newtonsoft.Json.dll which came with the Avatar package, but this was with Oculus Integration v35 and seems to no longer work ( When attempting to use this solution with all of the newest versions of Meta tech, I have to restart Unity in safe mode and get three errors: namespace 'OvrAvatarTrackingSkeleton' could not be found in two scripts, and 'OvrSpan<>' could not be found in a third. To my knowledge I am using the newest version of each solution here, so I can't understand how they would not work with each-other. If it helps, I only have the Oculus Integration Spatializer and VR components installed from the Unity package.



Hey, did you ever find a solution for this? I am seeing the same build error after updating meta avatars to v18


looks like this just magically went away after another Unity restart


After looking all day I found a solution for this. The issue is with the newtonsoft.Json.dll that comes within Unity. Deleting the package from the Package Cache does nothing, unless you uninstall the "Version Control" from the package manager. Then the Unity "semi-official" "not supported" but mandatory version of the dll can be deleted (and won't show again after restart). After this you can install the Avatar SDK with all it's dependencies.