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Mixed Reality Capture Tool Calibration has to be redone almost every time


I am using the Mixed Reality Capture Tool (latest version 5.1.1) with a custom Unity App using the default MRC scene template. I am doing MRC with a quest 2 using the oculus link so I choose Rift S when using the tool.


When I calibrate my camera and run the app and OBS everything works fine, but then if I re-run the app later in the day the calibration is all off and I have to recalibrate. It's a painstaking process and really annoying that it gets off for some reason. The camera has not moved. Any idea what the issue could be?


It would be great if the tool/api would say where the calibration is stored so it could be saved externally and verified.


It's way too much of a black box now. This would also be helpful to have separate calibrations for different setups.


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i cannt find the app from oculus store, may i ask how did you install the app into the headset?