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Multiple Devices

Heroic Explorer

We can no longer play multiplayer games on same account anymore with different headsets. 

we have 3 oculus quest 2 


two signed into main account 

one signed into secondary account 


whenever the two main accounts try playing a multiplayer game like cookout, Demeo, loco dojo etc we get a notification that multiple devices cannot be logged in. The developer still allows the game to play with the same account (it adds a 1 to the end of the username) but the notification comes up every 30-60 seconds, making games essentially unplayable. 

now I know games like beat saber never allowed same account to play against each other in multiplayer but we could play at the same time without any problem. 

this is a massive change and is the reason why we have 3 is because we play together. If there is a way to cancel the notification that’s fine, if this is an intended change then we should be refunded for our third oculus as this changes the reason why we have it. If you change the way we play the games then you change the reason for what and why we purchase. Let me know if the are is a way to mitigate this problem or if oculus just plans on refunding everyone who was engaging their family to play with multiple devices.