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Multiple Quest2 for education on same account

Level 2

Is it possible to have 20-25 pieces of quest2 connected to the same account for teaching VR-development.


The classroom setup is 25-30 gaming desktops preinstalled with Unity and oculus software.


I want a solution, in which the students enter the classroom and makes an unity account. After that they should be ready to connect via link and develop their first game.


So far a lot of time has been wasted on seting up the heasdseats. If another student has locked the headset, they first have to reset the headset etc.


Maybe someone can suggest a better soultion?




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! First we would like to commend you for being the gateway for these learners to get the proper education that they need! To answer your question, you will be able to connect all the devices under one account, but please be aware that your students will not be able to operate certain apps/games at the same time. With Unity, we advise to reach out to the developers of this development platform, this way they will be able to assist you properly on making Unity accounts. 


We understand how time consuming setting up these devices, we would like for you to have a one-one-one with our specialist, so they can provide you with detailed information on how to move forward. We're in full support of your work and are very excited about the program you're providing!