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Need help with MRC

Honored Guest
Hello fellow Oculus users, developers, and fans. I need some help, and if you guys have any ideas on how to fix this problem, I would love it if you shared them. So, here's the problem: I have an Oculus Quest 1 and I am unable to get any version of the official MRC releases to work. In the case of the older versions, the camera calibration tool won't launch, and in the newest few releases, whenever I try to install the MRC app to my computer (which, yes, has a good webcam and is more than capable of streaming the video), I get the message:

"Installation process was aborted/not completed successfully"

The program doesn't give me a reason for its inability to download, nor does it give me the option to force-install. I have tried running the program as admin, turning off Norton and MacAfee, restarting, powering off, checking all connections inside my pc, making sure the two devices are on the same network, deleting all other previous OBS and MRC files, repairing the oculus app itself, changing the install location/path, deleting and redownloading the software (and yes, I deleted the old MRC file and emptied the recycle bin), reconnecting my webcam and putting it in different USB ports, downloading the alternate APKs for the software on my headset, and doing basically every other thing I could think of to help me solve this problem (including running the software through Unity and Unreal4).

Please help me solve this problem, or shoot me some ideas. I would appreciate any tips, past experience, or advice. thanks everyone!

oh, one last thing; if this helps, here are the specs:
i7 2600
16gb DDR4
GeForce GTX 970 4gb
2tb SSD
USB 3.0
650w power supply


Good luck.

Honored Guest

I have no way to solve it. I can find customer support. This is my account name "MinTenTI8", please add me to the developer team, thank you