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Neither DLNA nor USB connection work for me per Meta's online instructions

Honored Guest

My goal is to view 360 spherical JPEGs (equirectangular) on the Quest 3. I have tried DLNA and USB to make the JPEGs on my MacBook accessible to the Quest 3.

I performed the steps in Meta's doc, "Connect to a DLNA or home streaming server with your Meta Quest". I installed the FireStream UPnP/DLNA server on my MacBook Pro M1 (running Sonora 14.4.1). Afterwards, Windows Media Player on a Windows 10 PC sees and can access files on this DLNA server. The Meta doc referenced is rather cryptic saying only, "Select the Media Server you'd like to connect to.", which the reader must presume is when using their Gallery app because it's mentioned near the start of the doc. Since that app does not exist in the current Quest, I searched and found that it has been replaced by their TV app. Selecting "Your Media" in that app leads to it eventually saying that no media files are present.

I then followed the instructions in Meta's "View your own 360 videos and photos on a Meta Quest 2 headset" doc. I created a Developer account, enabled Developer mode in the Quest 3 using the iOS app (although the option is referred to as "Debug" mode), installed Android File Transfer on the MacBook, connected the Quest 3 to the MacBook using a known-good USB C cable, and "allowed" the connection to the Mac when prompted. But the Android File Transfer app keeps saying "Could not connect device", despite restarting and trying again several times. My Meta account already has 2FA enabled.

Any suggestions? IMO, Meta needs to require the people who product documentation to keep up with software changes so at least there are no ambiguities.