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New Refund Policy

Level 3
The Oculus Store rolled out their new refund policy today:

For the Rift, customers have two weeks and a maximum of two hours play time to request a refund. While that seems reasonable for bigger videogames like Superhot or Lone Echo, I'm concerned about what this means for shorter VR experiences.

Brief immersive projects like TheBlu or Firebird - Le Peri have been signature VR experiences that have introduced a lot of newcomers to VR. Almost everything in the Oculus Store's Entertainment and Experiences categories is well under two hours and can even be experienced multiple times within that two-hour window over two weeks. Some customers will see the value of having such items in their library, but it seems likely that plenty will graze, consume, and refund.

What do you all think? We sold quite a few copies of our short VR experience last year through the Oculus Store, but if we were launching it next month I would be pretty concerned for its viability.

Level 8
I'm concerned as well for Rift experiences and wonder why there is a large disparity between eligibility on Rift and GearVR. Also, there is a clear path towards abuse and trolling through coordinated purchase->review bomb->request refund cycles. Are reviews by people that request a refund automatically purged?

To be clear though, I believe refunds should exist. If content makes you sick or there are performance issues, a refund is warranted. I'm just concerned with how "no questions asked" is going to policed to avoid people excessively requesting refunds because they didn't think something was "fun" enough.

Level 3
Concerned that this hasn't been addressed yet, specially given how the vast majority of the experiences in the store are below an hour long.