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OVRPhysicsRaycast where is it called from?

I am sorry if this question is formulated incorrectly but I am trying to track down how OVRPhysicRaycast works. Specifically I am trying to force the spherecast function to be used rather than the raycast. I am trying to use the built in Unity event system to interact with 3d objects and i have it working but for some reason the raycast is passing through some objects when it hits them at certain angles. I think if I used the spherecaster I could avoid this problem. Unfortunately I can not seem to figure out what determines when it is used or even from where it is invoked. I really don't want to create my own spherecaster because I would like to use the built-in Unity EventSystem.
Like I said at the beginning I could be misconstruing how all of this works but any nudge in the right direction would be appreciated.