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Oculus Go + browser + videos won't play

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Apologies in advance I'm not familiar with how things work around here but I was hoping someone could answer if not resolve the issue I'm having whenever I try to play a video in the oculus  browser and the Firefox browser. When the video starts to load and play it glitches and I'm paraphrasing the error message that comes up basically saying it's unable to play, something along those lines. When I factory reset the device the videos will play just fine but after awhile they'll regress and won't play. Is there an update or downgrade I have to do? Or is the oculus go obsolete now? Any help and answers would be greatly appreciated thank you in advance!!!


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I too have this problem.

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You are in the same boat as thousands of other Oculus Go owners. I hope they will fix it!


Same issue here. Spent several days communicating with support. Support said to contact developers. Hopefully someone in the development forums can let us know if this issue is being addressed.

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I have had this problem since early January.  Apparently it is every Go user.  Support stated they were "aware of the issue and looking into it" and also stated that any fixes would be posted on the forums.  When I wrote back and said that none of that assured people a fix was on the way and so I asked could they promise me 100 percent that a fix would be offered at some point.  They said that they could not.   When I later got a note asking if my issue had been resolved and they could close the ticket, here was my response...


I did get your response thanks.  The issue is NOT fixed.  In early January, the VR function for the Oculus Go. stopped working for, as far as I can. tell, every Oculus Go user in the world.   It has been over a month and Meta is not even promising there will be a fix.  Many people are saying on the forums that Meta intentionally bricked the browser to get people to move to the Quest where a Facebook account is required.  If that is in fact the case, I wish the company would just say that so that we could decide whether to go to the Quest 2 or get a different VR head set that actually does VR.  It is just bizarre that Meta is keeping people in this state with no browser fix after a month and no promise that one is coming.   I am sorry you have to listen to this because I know it is not your fault, but it is your company's fault and Meta has angered Oculus Go users by bricking the browser, offering no fix, and not clearly stating that people must get a different VR headset if they want VR.   Thank you for listening.  Please keep my support ticket open until Meta fixes what it broke. Scott.