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Oculus Quest 2 as a single-purpose medical device - patient onboarding

Level 2

Hello, we are developing a software treatment for a balance disorder called Mal de Débarquement Syndrome, or

MdDS in short. More info on We're finalising a release on smartphone inside VR glasses, but we would love to do a release on Oculus Quest 2, because we think it can be even more immersive and have an easier patient user experience.


But there's one thing that bothers me and I haven't seen a straightforward solution. An Oculus Quest 2 basically (bit of a shortcut) assumes you're into gaming, and when you turn it on, you have to define your boundaries and floor level etc. This is not straightforward for our typical patient, on average 55 years old.


What I would love is that you could turn the Oculus into a single purpuse device - when the patient puts it on, he/she sees only one fat button to click, and the treatment can start. Or alternatively, some very simple steps to get there. Our solution is currently WebXR based inside the browser, but if necessary we'll make an app to make this happen.


I hope I'm clear in what I'm looking for - can someone give me pointers on how to make an Oculus easier to start up, skipping all the boundary/floor level adjustment and placing an icon/button in plain view to start the treatment?


Thank you very much --Mike