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Old app from Oculus not showing in Meta account

Level 2

Hello everyone.

I work for an Architectural firm I have created a couple of VR app to showcase projects with our clients, nothing too fancy nothing to sale, just show and tell internally, and placed on the oculus store for easy distribution between our offices. These app are private and I kept them as Alpha only.

I created this VR app when Oculus was Oculus, and since then I haven't used the developer account, now I need to create a new app and I am totally lost with the 'meta' website, I logged in with my email and password, then I answer a few questions, and now it shows my apps but I can't edit them, or create new ones?

I have researched for a couple of days but the online help doesn't show anything related to this issue.

Your help is appreciated.

I need to know where is the developer page where you can update your apps and where you can create new ones or delete the old ones.

Thank you.