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Preview Apps Not Appearing


I recently got an invite email from my employer to install a pre-release version of a game we're working on. I clicked the link in the email, which took me to a login page. Upon logging in, I was taken to a page that said "Congrats! You can now find your preview in the My Preview Apps section in the Oculus App." 



The only problem is, if I go to the My Preview Apps section, it's empty. All it says is "You currently do not have any preview apps."




I tried chatting with Customer Support, but they were very unhelpful and said there was nothing they could do as it wasn't an official Oculus app. Would anyone know how to fix this issue? I need to be able to play the game for work purposes, so being delayed like this isn't great. Thanks!


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Any updates on this? I also have similar issue with one of our accounts. Most of the accounts seems to work just fine, but one specific account does not show our preview game. Removing and re-adding the account did not work. 

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Hi, I have the same issue today, maybe a bit different. The app was there yesterday but today it just disappeared. Does anyone know if it's an Oculus/meta issue they are trying to sort out?   


development apps are disappeared from my developer meta account too, can't get entitlement on a build i was able to play yesterday... it just disappeared from dash too

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I am also having this exact same issue... It's also effecting my ability to use Unity. 

Unfortunately, no fix yet. I'll try to update you if I find one!