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Program and Manage headset from mobile device

Honored Guest

Hi! I was reading on line about the oculus quest being controlled by an iPad for use in helping senior citizens use VR. I'm trying to develop a VR experience for hospice care and that would be really useful. However, I can't seem to figure out how. All I see is the cast to a phone. Is there anything like that? I would like to know if I can pair it to a phone so that the phone controls the experience, so we can use it with patients on hospice. Depending on their stage in the dying process, some won't be able to use the controllers of the Quest 2 we purchased. I read of Rendever, which develops VR programs for seniors and uses Oculus headsets that can be programmed and managed by activities directors via an iPad device. Is there a way we can just have that app? Without having to pay another company? Just from Meta? 



I have been considering putting together a VR program for seniors in my community.  Are there any Meta-assisted programs already in place that would be useful?