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Quest 2 Build - Unable to Deploy Application Build Properly


Hello Meta community!


I'm facing an issue while trying to deploy an application build for the Quest 2 VR headset. I hope someone can help me troubleshoot and resolve this problem.


I have been working on a Unity-based application for the Oculus Quest 2, and everything runs smoothly within the Unity editor. However, when I attempt to build and deploy the application to the Quest 2 device, I encounter unexpected errors. The build process itself appears to be successful, but upon launching the application on the headset, it either crashes or fails to execute correctly. I've tried various approaches, including changing build settings, verifying developer mode is enabled, and ensuring the proper SDKs are installed, but the problem persists.


I have done this so far:


  • Checked and confirmed that the project works perfectly within the Unity editor.
  • Enabled Developer Mode on my Oculus Quest 2 device.
  • Followed the official Oculus Developer documentation for the build process.
  • Made sure the Oculus Integration package is up-to-date in my Unity project.
  • Double-checked for any errors or warnings during the build process.


Unfortunately, the error messages provided by the Oculus Quest 2 are not very descriptive, making it difficult for me to pinpoint the root cause of the problem. It's possible that I might have missed something in the build configuration or that some specific settings need to be adjusted.


I believe this could be related to the deployment process or possibly some compatibility issues with the Oculus Quest 2 hardware or firmware. If anyone has successfully deployed Unity applications to the Quest 2 or encountered similar issues in the past, I would greatly appreciate any insights or guidance you can provide.


To ensure transparency, I'd like to mention the DevOps service offered by our vendor that I came across during my research to get help for the deployment. But I would like to make it work on my own.


Again, my main goal is to seek help in resolving the Quest 2 deployment issue, and any assistance would be highly appreciated. Thank you all in advance for your support!