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Quest 2 and Bluetooth connectivity issues

Level 2

Hello community, I have a question regarding Bluetooth connection to the Quest 2 headset.  


I'm trying to connect some devices with Bluetooth receivers to the Quest 2 Headset.  The results have been somewhat inconsistent.  When paired properly, it should show up as connected with an input device toggled on in when you select the device in the Bluetooth Devices page.  But other times, the Input Device toggle doesn't show up after pairing the device to the headset, which renders the device unusable.  

We've done a few troubleshooting options to make our BT devices pair, methods including:

- Resetting Experimental Features

- Clearing Meta Quest App cache and data

- Toggling an Experimental feature then pairing

- worst-case scenario, a whole factory reset of the headset.


This has been a frequent issue in multiple different headsets I've used.  So I was wondering if anyone else had any issues pairing Bluetooth devices before.


Thank you in advance.


Hi @chimera_xr I don't have answer to your question, but can you share some info how you managed to connect to BT?
I'm developing in Unity and trying to figure this part out.