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Quest 2 not recodnize in Unity after Force Update

Level 2

Oculus Quest 2 Version: 47
Unity Version: 2021.3
Windows 10


Yesterday, when I have put my headset on my head, I saw a little Disk Icon and a loading bar. Then, the device restarted. It seems like it was a force update. Since that happened, Unity doesnt recodnize my Quest 2 anymore (doesnt appear in the device list in the build settings). When I try to build and run, it says ''its not recodnize as an Adndroid Device).

Before that update, I was seing it in Unity without any issues and was able to build. Im using windows 10 and it sees the device when I plug it in. Also, I went to check the developer options and it seems like my USB debuggins is still ON (Enable USB connection via a confirmation popop).

Any hints what I should do next to fix this?

Thanks alot,