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Quest link loading forever


After I update my NVIDIA driver, the oculus link app begin to loading forever. I tried install the older version of the driver, and reinstall the app, but none of them worked. Looking forward to the solution and thanks a lot~


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello, @saibo713! Thank you for informing us of this issue you are having. We wanted to ask if you have checked to make sure that your Oculus PC app for your quest link is updated. Here are the steps on how to do the following: 


To update the Oculus PC app on your computer,

  1. Open the Oculus PC app on your computer.
  2. Select Library in the left menu, then click Updates to check for updates.

Try this to see if this helps any; if not, please reach back out so we can assist you further. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey there! Just following up with you on your issues with your loading issues with Quest Link. Please reach back out if you need further assistance, and we will continue working with you!