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Question about the Rooms and P2P API deprecation

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We are currently developing an application for a customer that uses the Rooms, P2P and matchmaking APIs. We would like to distribute this application to the customer via the RC channel (not the Production one).

Unfortunately, we have noticed these APIs will get deprecated in 2023
But from what I can read, it won't affect applications that were released in AppLab.

Do you know if the API will still be available after January 2023 for this application that is distributed via the RC channel? If so, how long will the API still be available?


Thank you for your help!





Level 2

Unfortunately these APIs have become quite unreliable to provide a good user experience. They don't work on Windows anymore which makes debugging very difficult. Even on the headset they are unreliable. For example, I found that the calling party isn't getting notified when the called party answers the call and joins the room so the invite friend usecase doesn't work anymore for me. The same used to work before for me. Thankfully matchmaking, P2P and Voip still work but P2P doesn't always get connected.