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Recommended camera for streaming feed to oculus quest 2 (so I can play with my dog remotely)

Honored Guest


I'm currently in the process of making an application to control a webcam and laser pointer, attached to two servo motors and raspberry pi.  My goal is to stream the feed of the webcam to my oculus quest 2 so that I can play with my dog using the headset once I go back to University in September.


Molly (my dog) has gotten used to me being around the house whilst school was online this past year, and now that I'm leaving she's going to be stuck at home alone whilst my mum and brother are out of the house. I figured I'd learn about VR development whilst providing some utility for her so she doesn't lose her mind next year.


Unfortunately, all the cameras I have found so far are very expensive, and I can't really afford them at the moment as a student. If anyone could point me towards a camera setup that is relatively inexpensive I'd really appreciate it. I'm located in Alberta, Canada btw.


Thanks for your time if you got this far!

- Vic