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Render to only one eye

Honored Guest
Hello, I'm after a bit of information about who I should try contacting regarding making VR less GPU wasteful for my particular situation.

I'm blind in my right eye so I was hoping that there could be a driver level option maybe that would allow users to say "hey, as much as I'd love 2 working eyes, it would be real nice if I can just render a black image to the right eye and benefit from better FPS in the left".

I get that stereoscopic is better, given the choice, but for me it's not a choice I have so I may as well benefit from improved frame rates or better image quality. I was born blind in one eye so I've had plenty of time getting used to lack of depth perception, however, I can still take visual cues from surrounding environment on a virtual race track to know when to out brake you :wink:

Back on track though (pun intended), would it be a driver level (pun unintended) development, or maybe SteamVR? Something where we do not have to rely on every game studio to provide it as an option, instead we can just set it and forget it at lower level.

I have a degree in games programming, so I'd be happy to get my fingers dirty if I was pointed in the right direction, if Oculus isn't prepared to implement something like this.

Thanks in advance,

Honored Guest
Sorry to necro an old thread but I came here through google and I am in the exact same situation as the previous poster. I just got a Rift and immediatly had the exact same question as well.

I do realize that this issue probably concerns only a small part of your customer base and to be honest I have no idea how feasible it would be to implement but I thought I'd add my voice here and say that this would be an awesome feature to have.
It's not very often that a disability might actually be used for advantegous effects, so profiting from higher frame rates with the Rift, rendering to one eye only would be a nice exception. ::smile:

Honored Guest
Well, I'm a little late, but I am adding myself to the list. Blind in right eye. Would love to render in one eye only!