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Renderdoc Meta Fork not providing performance counters for compute shaders

Honored Guest


As the title says, I have been having issues profiling compute shaders. I am doing and investigation on VR volume rendering on the Meta Quest 2; and the performance counters on the Renderdoc Meta Fork have been fundamental on my work.

But, right now, the only information that is provided on the counter are the millisencos for each pass, only when taking about compute shaders (the render passes present all the data as expected).

At first I thought that it is as expected for some fields to present missing values, since we are not using the raster pipeline, but the texture pipelines are also reporting 0 fetch stall & 0 bytes readed; wich is not true since this shaders perform a surface nets algortihm.

Am I missing something? Has anyone encoountered this issue?

Also, it is not a dead-or-live situation, but the shaders run very fast; and would love to look a bit closer.



Following up in the hope somebody picks it up : the Meta performance counters returned are not complete, potentially half of the drawcalls are missing when Meta Performance counters are selected in the performance counter viewer