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Reset customer ratings and comments after new release

Level 2


I was receiving really low ratings for my game because i didnt realize for a long time that players weren't able to figure out how to get past the main menu to start actually playing the game. So they were just giving a lot of 1-star ratings and leaving, until one user let me know what was going on.

So now that i fixed that problem, and i want to clear all those low ratings and start over.

But all the old ratings are still on there from the old version, how can i reset the ratings and comments to remove all those 1-star ratings, so i can start over, especially on APP LAB where the games are still under development.

There should be a way to reset the ratings if you release a new version, because those comments and ratings apply to the older version. Doesn't seem fair to judge a game based on old versions of it.

Anybody knows how to reset the ratings and comments back to zero.

Every star players give or not give is life or death to indie developers.