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Seeking Advice on VR immersive Video Markets


Hi everyone, this is our first post, and just looking for anyone that might have any information on our topic. We are Virtual Reality Education, and we are creating VR videos on a number of topics, relating to education in VR. 


Question number one is, does anyone know about these two programs: Oculus Launchpad: are applications open, or if someone has more information about this?

VR for Good: is there anything active going on with this?


For the VR Video, is there any channel for it that could be monetizable? We've put some videos up as Oculus Developers, but there is no way for Quest users to even give a like to the content, or to share it, or get to our creator page to see all the other videos we've created--so it seems very lacking in functionality. Also, there seems to be no way to monetize it.


What do you think about the prospects of creating an app featuring immersive VR video, would that be a more promising route, and do you think it could make it onto the oculus store?


Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read this, and thanks if you have any advice for us!