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Set HDR enabled/disabled at runtime?


Passthrough still won't works (black screen) if HDR is enabled in the render pipeline asset settings,
so I must build the project with HDR disabled.

How can I activate HDR when the passthrough stage is done to get post processing effects on ?

Actually I can successfully tick from script the HDR option, but it is not activating post processing effects at runtime.



// This ticks the checkbox while running on editor, but no effects at runtime on the headset.
var urpAsset = (UniversalRenderPipelineAsset)GraphicsSettings.renderPipelineAsset;
urpAsset.supportsHDR = true;






Got it, using different URP renderers and setting the desired renderer for the camera at runtime:

Camera.main.GetUniversalAdditionalCameraData().SetRenderer(1); // index 1 is HDR renderer 
Camera.main.GetUniversalAdditionalCameraData().renderPostProcessing = true;
Camera.main.GetUniversalAdditionalCameraData().allowHDROutput = true;
Camera.main.allowHDR = true;


Don't forget to set the HDR enabled on the Pipeline Asset prior to build, passthrough will works if the camera uses a no HDR renderer and postprocessing is disabled.

Hi Vic,

Thanks for documenting your process. I've been running into a similar issue and was wondering if you could elaborate on how you can set a renderer to be "no HDR"? To my belief, you set HDR options for URP in project settings and not on the renderer itself.

Hi, Just go to the project panel, right click>create>Rendering>URP Asset (with URP renderer)
Then look to the inspector panel of the newly created renderer pipeline asset, in the quality settings there's a HDR checkbox. But in fact now the issue isn't occuring anymore, you can just use a Render Pipeline Asset with HDR on, then set the camera with or without HDR output and post-processing effects. It works like a charm now.