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Severe Aliasing in Oculus Browser

As a VR photographer I am excited that Oculus Browser supports WebGL, so that we can now show tours in immersive VR on Go and Gear VR.  But I am sorry to have to report a serious problem.

Every 360 photo that I view via Oculus Browser on GVR or Go has bad "shimmer" -- motion aliasing.   Viewed on an app -- 360 Photos, Gala360, etc. -- the same photos are entirely free of shimmer.  Many others have obsered the same thing. 

Naturally the WebVR client I am most conerned about is krpano, which powers much of the world's 360 photo viewing.  But this is definelty not a krpano problem,  I have seen it with two other clients as well.

The apps demonstrate that it is technically possible to render clean antialiased images on Galaxy phones and the Oculus Go.  Now that the Go is bringing the VR web to a huge new audience, It is vital that Oculus brings rendering in the WebGL mode of Browser up to the same excellent standard.