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Slow approval process?


I've submitted my app on the 2nd Jan for approval for the App Lab. Has anybody also experienced these delays? It should be approved within two weeks as far as I know. In the meantime I've imroved the app already and could directly submit a new version. For comparison Google takes about an hour to approve an Android app and Apple a day roughly. Why does that take that long? Meta team, can this not at least be sped up for the App Lab (as the name suggests it's a lab) so that rapid development is possible? After all it's not even on your store.



Same here. My team has been waiting for approval for 7 weeks. Good luck to you..


Same here. My Metadata approval has been waiting for several weeks while they collected several thousand dollars in commission on monthly sales of my app. They don't promote it on the main store, they collect 30% commission, they don't approve meta data submissions in timely manner and they put a notice to warn the users that the app hasn't been fully reviewed and may be uncomfortable. This is very unfriendly to developers. I can't understand why anyone would bite the hand that feeds them.