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Still can't enable developer mode

I keep getting the run around.  I have tried everything possible to get this working.   the strange thing is that everything else work.    I just can't enable this.     They keep sending me the same links over, over and over again.  My developer account has been updated and verified with payment information for over a year.      
1. Every time I open a call with the Developer Support .  They close my ticket and indicate.   You need to contact Consumer Support.  
2. Every time I open a call with the Consumer  Support .  They close my ticket, and indicate.   You need to contact Developer Support.  
Which is it?  
I've already contacted the developer group on three occasions.
So, Which group that is responsible for this ticket .
Why am I being pushed around from one group to the other?
The developers keep telling me to verify my account. Which the account is verified and has payment information updated for almost over a year.  All the requirements have been met. But I still cannot enable this feature. 
I have sent all the diagnostic logs and information. They keep asking me for the same thing over and over again.
I keep telling them!!  Please do not send me another link. Telling me to verify my developer account.  Which I've done and has been done many time and over a year.   I even removed and added payment information.  like I have see on the other forms.   also, enabled 2-setp authentication .
They also keep sending me link  on "how to enable developer  mode"   which I have performed the steps over 15 to 20 times. 
I have also sent all the diagnostic logs.  My system and headset in all its software are completely up to date.   All of the required elements have been performed.    But I still cannot enable this feature.
So which group is handling this call.?   Why did the developers group closed my other call? 
software versions 
Headset Version - 49882890192000150
Android App version -
Meta Quest build 49.0
Quest Apps
Quest Browser - indicates up to date
Quest Move - indicates up to date
Quest Voice commands - indicates up to date
Windows 11 and it is fully updated as of 2/14  - no pending updates 
AMD drivers are up to date.  as of 2/13/23
Doe anyone have any idea what is going on?    I  wish there was some way I can get my money back!!!    I have had no issue on the HP reverb.     We have had development issues with it. 
  I can't even start on this thing.  


I see   Level 2  , had the same issue.   183  people viewed the post , but no one replied. 

I guess no one cares? 


Still nothing????  My ticket,  also has not been updated.     Now that they have my money ,  I guess Meta is not interested in helping it's customers.

Still nothing????