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Store Reviews (Relevancy and Spam)

Level 4
Does anyone know how the store rates the usefulness of reviews?
Our game has positive reviews overall, yet the most scathing review is showing up first.
I have a feeling its from a competitor.  I've clicked the "spam" link next to the review but its still first in the list.

Our sales have decreased ever since this review posted.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
I've replied to the reviewer via the developer response field but they haven't contacted us.


Level 3
You marked a customer's criticism as spam in an attempt to make it go away and not have other potential customer's see it?

Does it say anything at all that is actually untrue, or is it just harsh?

If it's the game I think it is, lots of the reviews mention issues, just they are nicer. One compares the game to a prerelease, others more recent that the harsh review talk about experiencing issues that made the game look bad in a manner consistent with the harsh review.