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Submitted my game for in 2020, still waiting approval... how did you get your app approved?


I submitted my game to oculus rift store in jan 2020.


I've only heard back from them twice to change some minor thing. Every month or so I send them an email asking whats going on and its always the same:

"Due to high volume, at this time the Store Submissions team is not able to provide information on where your app submission is in the review process or a definitive ETA on when the review will be completed (however, it is longer than the listed time on the website).

Rest assured, your app will be reviewed as all apps are handled in the order they are submitted. Once your app has fully been reviewed you will receive an email from the Store Submissions team with your results."


My game is successful on Steam so it's not like I'm submitting garbage.

Did I fall into some black hole? Is there a better support to contact? What can I do? How long did approval take for you?



Are you American?

Probably need to get to know the internal staff to pass, I have decided to seriously focus on developing Steam.

If you just want to sell on Oculus, you can package it into an apk and submit it to applab, which will pass quickly.

My app has been submitted since February of this year, and your game can't pass with such success on steam, and I don't have any hope of my passing.


Hey @kenontherocks, what is the average wait time for Oculus to review your submission? It sounds like it is taking them at least 12 months each time