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Suggestion for Developing an SDK for Meta Ray-ban Glasses


Hey everyone,

I'm curious: will there ever be a developer kit (SDK) available for Meta glasses? I think the glasses are great, but there's not much to do with them right now. So, I thought, why not build a community around it?

If Meta releases an API or something that other apps could call or interact with indirectly (since it seems there's already a service running in the background), this could enable commands from third-party apps. This way, you could allow users to develop their own apps and further customize the experience.

For example, let's say I want to do something customizable, like turning on my smart lights using the command "Hey Meta". My own app could register a command (or more than one) so that whenever I say "Hey Meta, [do something]", this command triggers (it could be a post or a deeplink) that my app could receive and then perform the desired action, only for that command. And if this API allows me to use the camera live, like we do in Instagram livestreams, the possibilities would be endless.

Think about it, everyone. I really want to build custom experiences with this, so please consider releasing an SDK for Meta glasses.



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Came here looking for exactly this.


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I am looking for same. There are tons of ideas where we can add additional hooks. similar to Google Home Product or Siri Shortcut


Unfortunately, I checked out @boztank’s post, and if you look at the latest highlight stories from 05/20/24, he gave us a negative response 😔

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However, I still hope this decision changes. In my opinion, this product has the potential to be the best companion we can have right now.


Another awesome use case I’d love to see (or even develop myself) is this:

Imagine being able to interact with your computer through the glasses, making the experience even more seamless. Picture yourself in your home office, doing your regular work, watching a movie, or playing a game on your computer. If you could, for example, say, “Hey Meta, what do you think about this piece of code on my computer?” and it would trigger a small service on your desktop that immediately prints the image and sends it back to be processes and answered through the glasses. That would also work if you are playing a game and ask about something you see but don’t know what it is.


The reason for using a print instead of the cameras is to improve the fidelity of the responses, ensuring that the information processed is as accurate as possible.

But this is my usecases, I would love to hear yours


That sounds like an awesome idea, it would get the attention of a lot of people and sales will go up as well!

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I think your best option here is:


Wow, that project is incredible! I'm definitely going to learn more about it.

Even just integration with a service like IFTTT would be a great start