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To Oculus Go Developer Team - Bedridden Accessibility

Level 2
I am physically disabled and can only face upwards (toward the ceiling) when in bed or in my wheelchair. I bought an Oculus Go, not for games but rather for visual experiences such as sightseeing and rollercoasters and also for watching 3d and 2d movies and TV. Unfortunately, because of my head position, I am unable to see any Go content.  Please consider creating accessibility options for people like me who have severe physical limitations. It would be great if there was an option to set the the starting view to straight ahead, regardless of the users head position. VR has the potential to open up a whole new set of exciting experiences to people who are confined to bed or wheelchair. I am not going to return my Oculus Go, I will hang onto it and hope that future updates will add view options that will make the Go usable by me.

Level 3
i too am in the same situation , please help us .

Level 5

this same request, with more votes

I'm surprised and sad to see you didin't get this feature after all this time. I came here to the forums to help the request so I can play with a bedridden friend of mine