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Unable le to enter banking information in


When adding payment information, the first 3 steps are fine, entering company information etc, but when I get to the last step of entering the bank information, the page have a button to enter bank information manually, when I click it, I get an error saying “We're having trouble updating your payment information. Please try again later or contact support for assistance.”

I contacted support on the 10th, it is now the 16th, and there is still no solution so far. I got the message with generic information, then the message saying it is a problem with my browser, and now after describing the problem in more detail, I am waiting for an answer. Is there any way to escalate this issue and get this bug fixed quickly?




Giving a quick update if anyone encounters the same problem.
The Payment Support gave me the runaround treatment for 2 weeks. I ended up reaching out to the oculus developer support team, and they were wonderful, they contacted the payment support team to try to figure out what was the problem.
Officially the problem "disappeared" on its own and it just started working. In reality, I notice that the webpage where you can enter the banking information changed, a new "help" button is now showing at the bottom left that wasn't there before. I am pretty sure it was a bug on the website and it got fixed.
Thanks to all Meta support and especially the developer who fixed the bug. I was able to enter my banking information and my game is now live on AppLabs.