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VR video player performance question and pixel based rendering

Hey guys
We are looking to boost image quality and performance of our DeoVR player and we are not sure where to start. Would be really appreciated if you can help us out realising the most efficient rendering engine in our case. Mail
We use AVPro that is integrated with ExoPlayer and other media engines. We are primarily looking into 8K 60FPS playback with videos like on Oculus Quest 2, Pro and Windows headsets.We are thinking of pixel based rendering to get a better performance.

Our immediate plan is to proceed with:

- Oculus new SDK integration with new sharpening feature

- A/B test different image settings - new sharpness shader, saturation, etc.

- Play with eye texture scale - but this could degrade performance (HS has it optional)

- Pure native implementation on Oculus SDK for testing 180 video, to see if Unity is the bottleneck

- Playing with shaders and other image adjustment settings

- Custom render pipeline in C++ for Unity

We are looking for your help to understand the nature of the situation and greatly boost our rendering engine.