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Where is our money?
It has been 3 months and oculus has NOT paid us a dime of our money. we have exceeded the $100 each of these months. we are owed over $2,000 now and the payments team lied saying their system tried to transfer our money last month, after they "fixed" the issue as they say my next payout would have been april 18th, now here it is the 27th and still not 1 reply to tickets, not one penny of our money has been transferred.... they said for sure the money would be in our account on the 25th. yet like i said here it is the 27th not 1 reply nor 1 penny of our money.

so where is our money? why is support lying to its developers?

Retired Support
@"" Our team has reached out to you directly through Zendesk!

NinjaGG said:

@"" Our team has reached out to you directly through Zendesk!

no they have not. they have been ignoring me since the 18th.... mari is the last person to talk to me and she has not replied ever since she said give her a day or 2 and that was on the 18th...
So still no money, still no support. only run arounds now from LISA.... I guess it is time to start a class action lawsuit.