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Why is Oculus Developer Support so bad?

This isn't supposed to be a rant thread, but I am genuinely surprised about how bad the experience has been for us so far developing for the oculus platform in terms of available resources and support.


On the end-user side, oculus/Meta seems to do a really good job in providing resources and quick support, but it seems to be quite the contrary on the developer side and it just puzzles me why this is the case.


There are hardly any answers from oculus engineers on this forum, support tickets take forever and don't yield any actual help and SDK documentation is often seriously lacking.


Given that Meta is so dedicated in pushing the Metaverse, I'm genuinely surprised about the way they treat developers that dedicate their time and resources building experiences for their platform, and thus I wonder whether they maybe internally have the stance that developing polished VR experiences is something rather difficult that they don't expect independent developers to come up with and thus focus their resources on providing direct support channels to the big studios instead?


I'd be interested to hear about the experience of other devs on here and also what place you go to when you have problems or questions (because the official developer forum doesn't seem to yield any results for any non-trivial questions/problems)?




I'm in a similar position, I've been waiting for a review since 19 Dec and not a single message since then.


I'm baffled and disheartened by this too. It's not like we're talking about some random software company here. This is a FAANG company. It's a pioneer in VR technology and it feels like they don't really give a crap. The documentation is outdated and poorly written in areas. The integration packages are a mess and don't work. I'm close to giving up until they start caring.