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attendees to events not counting as attendees to event's world

I have made a couple of worlds and notice that something is wrong with the number of people who have visited my latest world.

I have hosted a couple there with plenty of people there but "My Horizon Creations" states that the world has not had any visitors. I guess there are 3 possibilities

1-The visitor count reset every time I make a change and republish the same world.

2-visitors to the world during an event are not counted as visitors to the world.

3-some people just don't count for some unknown reason

Please help so I can understand such a simple matrix as "how many visitors your world has had"


Level 8

I once asked a Horizons moderator, why worlds don't get crowded. He explained that... as people populate worlds, new instances are created. Perhaps, event instances are counted differently than non-event instances?