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Resolved! Timeout resolving device scoped access token

Me and Our Team has some problem about account.It's very similar to this case : developing with Meta Quest2 and I use recent OSThese are the...

Meta Avatars: how to feed custom input?

Hi, I'm prototyping with the new Meta Avatars system and am using the SampleAvatarEntity script to instantiate fake avatars. I'd like to replay head pose, controller states, and/or hand states (positions) in order to drive these avatars from pre-reco...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Privacy policy review DUC

I logged onto the Meta Developer Website And went to my game and it gave me this Requirement and I cant find a Fix. Action RequiredAssessment StatusComplete important compliance item for your app.Upcoming enforcementAn upcoming enforcement is not yet...

Animating Quill Brush Strokes like Dear Angelica

I'm interested in how to make a VR short similar to "Dear Angelica." DA was done in Quill (and it sounds like Quill was created for it originally), but that's about all I know about the process. I'm still unfamiliar with Quill, but I didn't see a way...

Can't Verify Oculus Developer Account

Hello! I can't seem to verify my account to become a developer. I have tried adding an authenticator (which adds successfully) and adding a phone number (verification text never comes through, tried on Chrome and Edge). Either way when I attempt to a...

Loki_05 by Honored Guest
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Unable to render Meta Avatars SDK v24.0

I have updated Meta Avatars SDK to v24.0. I did change to the new AvatarSdkManagerMeta prefab containing the the new MetaAvatarShaderManager. The MetaAvatarShaderManager references the two MetaShaderConfiguration.asset and MetaShaderConfigurationVert...

Entitlement check failed

All of this morning I'm getting "Entitlement check failed" intermittently and in the MQDH I'm seeing "not published" and published turning on and off randomly? Any idea how and why this is occuring? Thanks


Can't Get OVRSceneManager to Work

Hi, I'm developing a VR app, that will now have MR scenes available. I added the OVRSceneManager to my scene, assigned the plane and volume prefabs, scanned my room, yet no meshing or prefabs are instantiated in my scene. And with verbose logging I a...

Can't verify account

I have enabled 2FA and I'm still not verified.Tried entering Mastercard info, no go. Tried SMS, it doesn't send message.I live in Slovenia, EU.

Resolved! Quest 3 ADB permissions

Hello!I recently upgraded from Quest 2 to Quest 3.But my MQDH Custom Buttons to grab logs & bugreport don't work anymore.I don't seem to have any permissions on the headset via `adb`I can see the device with `adb devices`;I can shell into the device ...

Big headaches, easy fix

Hello, I need to talk about using Quest3 for education purposes. I'm the IT guy in a public high school and we bought 5 headsets as a starter. I'm having a few problems on securing the device and the UI. We want to buy more headsets but I will wait b...

ESDO.001 by Honored Guest
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How do VR players work?

Couldn't find the answer on the internet for some reason. All I could find is how to download them or some shallow thing about how they are two images for each eye. I used to hate VR videos because I had been watching the improperly. Not sure what it...

quinlan31 by Honored Guest
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If Q2,Q3 ok, it's systematic on Quest Pro ?

Hi everybodyIs a tool which function correctly on Q2 and Q3 will systematically function on Quest Pro please. It's about a project on the way for applab. The particularity is that only hand-tracking is used...Thks by advance for your interest, Serge ...

SteamVR selecting menu items with head movement?

Im using SteamVR in a quest pro (the steamvr menu system look fantastic now) and have noticed in the middle of the screen is a round selecting tool that highlights things when I look at them . Its not eye tracked, its just centre ...

ham2ish by Honored Guest
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Developing a game

I need help creating a game for the meta quest store I want to know what programming language and tools can be used to develop a game for meta quest and do I need to pay for online servers or is there a free option I can use for the game

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