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App Distribution Upload Issues: DevPost

Hi,Posted this earlier in the general Forum and discovered this may be a better place for help.I'm attempting to Upload a build to my Alpha Channel via the Meta Quest Developer Hub but it keeps failing.Below is the Error message:Error: An unexpected ...


Meta XR Audio Platform Compatibility

Will the new spatial plugin by oculus work only on oculus devices, or should it work on all devices such as PSVR2, PCVR (including Steam devices, not just oculus), and Oculus devices (probably).


ストア課金ではなく外部プラットフォームを活用した課金の可否について教えてください。 例ですが、外部プラットフォームで購入したイベントチケットを自社サービス内で使用させるということができるかどうかを確認したいです。 一定の条件を満たせば使用ができるなどのケースがあれば合わせて教えていただけますでしょうか。

syqoq by Level 2
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Chapgpt+ metaverse?

Spoiler (Highlight to read) I have an idea, today ai can create a picture with some key word, ia for music are in development for music it seem. But what about an Ai that would create a virtual world depending of you keyword? Like you type cthulhu, 1...

Hz level of speakers in Oculus Quest 2?

I'm curious as to how low of a Hz level the headphones goes down to. Does it go down to only 50Hz? Does it go down to 16Hz? I'm curious because I'm planning on doing frequency work with others using the headset, and I'd rather not people have to have...

can not "Create Organization"

Hello, if i follow your process to and try to create Organiaztion it shows "Unable to Load Content Check your URL and try again."if i try to "Verify Your Ocu...

dAndy_AT by Level 2
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XR Developers Resource Guide

authorTom/ultimate-XR-dev-guide: A development resource list for all things XR ('ve created this list for personal reference, I hope you find it as useful as I have (I want to give back a little to the community). I have tried to make it ...

Account doesn't get verified

I already went out to ask the support for help and I was told I should ask here for help.My account cannot be verified, I used the 2 Way Authentication method, it shows me that I have it on, but I cannot acess any Organizations and it still tells me ...

SvendYT by Level 2
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intel Arc A770 not supported

Has there been any word on the Oculus app supporting the Arc GPU's or that theyre working on adding support? I've been running with Steam VR through VD and it's been a champ.

Using Interaction SDK Assets

Hi there,I'm utilizing the interaction SDK for a university project, and I'm having some trouble interpreting the license agreement;I'd like to include the background furniture (the dynamic window and all the texture-less living room furniture) as a ...

DLC App Sharing

When can we expect to share dlc content? I don't understand why this isn't a feature since you can app share full games.

Can't get the SceneModel

Hey guys. I'm having an issue of pulling the SceneModel (Room that I have Setup) from any of the scenes in the The World beyond that use the OVRSceneManager to load the SceneModel. I've been using TheWorldBeyond (

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