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Retrieve a list of Games in user's Oculus Library?

hi,I've been working on a Discord Bot to help users find other users in the same discord server that own a specified game (an LFG bot)So far I've only implemented this with steam, and by popular demand, I'm now investigating if i can add the meta gam...

External Cameras with Quest 3

Is it possible to remove the built-in cameras of a Quest 3 system and extend the cables?Or can you connect external cameras to the Quest 3?Background: I work in a mechanical engineering company and it would be interesting to use the Quest 3 so that y...

vk.1736 by Honored Guest
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Quest link loading forever

After I update my NVIDIA driver, the oculus link app begin to loading forever. I tried install the older version of the driver, and reinstall the app, but none of them worked. Looking forward to the solution and thanks a lot~

Render resolution vs. app res in ODT overlay

Hi! When I display the performance overlay in oculus debug tool the displayed app res is larger than the render resolution set by the meta quest link tool. Is this because render resolution in link tool is meant to be the resolution after lens correc...

Real-world objects impact virtual world

I want real-world objects impact virtual world. Example - I want to have data/events when the real-world ball crosses the virtual-world score lines, so I can count the score: Any ideas of how to achieve this? My thoughts: Capture camera feed with scr...

Dens1ty by Explorer
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Meta Developer Hub not logging in

I am a new aspiring dev, attempting to get Meta developer hub set up. The app redirects me to a web browser where i must login, this has been done, however when it redirects me back to the developer hub, it attempts to reload however it simply reload...

fabu152 by Honored Guest
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Phase Sync recently not working on v65

Hello, so I've been using Phase Sync due to my tracking being a bit delayed which i can feel, and i am used to the way phase sync is, but i had to factory reset my headset recently and ever since then phase sync hasnt worked, here are the adb props t...

Can not add user via Release channel

We are UbiSim, a vendor on Applab, and that we have a client that we're trying to send release channel email invites to via the Meta developer page, but we are receiving an error that reads, 'We couldn't find anyone with the Oculus emails... etc." We...

Meta move and health connect

I'm posting here to hopefully speak out for all the other Android users here. We want to be able to track our health details when we get a good work out in just like IOS

Craxxix by Honored Guest
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Horizon Worlds API? Other Meta App API?

Hello! I'd like to know if there is an API which we can call to retrieve data about upcoming events in Horizon Worlds or other Meta-owned metaverse apps? All of the docs I see are intended for people developing apps or doing things within Horizon Wor...

People app - access from a computer

Hi everyone, I'm trying to access the Oculus platform, specifically the people app and be able to login a user from the exterior of the headset and use Deep Links to be able to communicate an app with the rest of the metaverse (to any android, iOS, o...

marketplace has no feelings

What would happen if all Facebook users could feel more united to their website, making it different but not so different from a conventional profile but with editable sections, so that users can design, distribute and categorize each and every aspec...

Sin título.png
leaaanj by Honored Guest
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Sent to the home screen

I was in bingo yesterday and the entire world of people was sent to their Home Screen suddenly. We have to all log back in and it reset the world. Did anyone else experience this?

Oculus ID return 0 and Username is empty

Hello,We require to get the Display name and Username for unique identification of our devices as they are logged in with specific Oculus account. I have setup an account on Oculus developer dashboard as required as well as doing all the certificatio...

MariosZa by Honored Guest
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Error when submitting a user review

We've received reports from a few users who are encountering an error when trying to leave reviews on the Meta Store for Tribe XR. The error message they see is "We're having trouble completing your request. Please try again later." Interestingly, so...

OzanHas by Explorer
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