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More in depth open world

How about doing some research into some of the VR anime like the original dot hack series and then also Sword Art Online and the Gun Gale series I think if the VR world was you know more like that that would be cool I just can't find any games to int...


I'm very new to Meta Quest development, so please let me know if this is the wrong place.I'm trying to stream video data to my Meta Quest 3, but the Meta Quest Browser keeps throwing a PIPELINE_ERROR_DECODE error whenever I feed it data via SourceBuf...

Cant change FOV Oculus debug tool /tray tool

I play PCVR cable lin (Oculus3) and use the Oculus debug tool/Tray tool. Everything in this tool works except the FOV setting. I tried reinstalling everything, all possible settings change, and nothing, also in steamVR. Does anyone have a similar exp...

Beta Cast 2.0 Wireless, casting longer more laggy

Hi there,Since Meta Quest Developer Hub for Windows fixed non-English Windows can't use cast 2.0.I found the cast stream always get laggy or heavy frame skip at 8 or 9 minutes after cast started, tried all options but no help.I guess it maybe somethi...

need advice on online education platform

we have a small team building medical training for doctors in hospital question: after building the XR scene with unity/openxr, what is the best practice to integrate XR program with online course platform? is openEdx a good online education platform...

Manchi.L by Honored Guest
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IAP purchase callback fail what to do?

So if we get a failed purchase callback how are we supposed to know if the person was charged? Because we assumed if it was a failed callback that meant that the person was not charged. However we did get a failed callback and then got contacted by t...

What are your future Plans for 360 Videographers

Just curious what your future plans are for 360 Video Developers like me. I have hundreds of thousands of watch time on your platform, but you keep expecting content for free. Pico pays me for content, YouTube pays me for content, but I am thousands ...


Hello. Im trying to run the sample project of Mixed reality. but when i build on Visual Studio i get this error;Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression Stat...

deimov by Honored Guest
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AutoDriver is not working on Oculus Quest2

Dear All,I tried to record inputs using AutoDriver as mentioned in the following link : used batch files in the following link:

Can't create a new release channel

Hi, I am trying to create an additional release channel for one of our apps and I get an error. I've opened a ticked with Meta dev support team but apparently they can't help. Anyone has any ideas why this is happening/ how it can be fixed? (error at...


Adding apps to Meta Admin Center

I'm developing corporate VR experiences and am attempting to manage my applications and deployments through the Admin Center, which is recommended by Meta for device management. I cannot find a simplified way to add apps to devices without going thro...

Vconquest by Honored Guest
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How to create an 360 image and 3D effect?

Hi,i saw an interesting video here on how to create a 360° panorama image for VR using Photoshop. You have a kind of panorama template for orientation, on which you can draw. But how do you now create a 3D effect so that it looks like the cube is tan...

360-3D-tests-wuerfel-1.jpg 360-3D-test-wuerfel-stereocop.jpg 2024-01-07_12h48_19.jpg
rene360 by Honored Guest
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