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Interested To Review This Website

Greetings, I have been following the website for the past few days now. I have a tech related website and I am much more interested to review this website on my site here. I dont know if it is possible or my website is eligible to do this. If my webs...

Users are having issues with my IAP in my game...

When i tested the IAP button on my headset i was prompted to an oculus payment screen where i paid $.01 for a durable item that will cost users $4.99. For me the payment was successful, but for the users once they put in their pin to complete the pay...

xTravyDx by Honored Guest
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Can't enable developer mode

No matter what I do it won't let me enable developer mode. I've done every step and when I click on the app or in the developer hub to enable it all it does is load for a second and won't enable. I have 10 headsets I've been unable to use for weeks b...

fsuser01 by Honored Guest
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Program and Manage headset from mobile device

Hi! I was reading on line about the oculus quest being controlled by an iPad for use in helping senior citizens use VR. I'm trying to develop a VR experience for hospice care and that would be really useful. However, I can't seem to figure out how. A...

Eye Tracking for Movement?

Hi Oculus/Meta Forum,I am working with a young man with a spinal cord injury who is unable to move his neck but is incredibly interested and keen to try VR.Firstly, we are wondering whether the eye tracking capabilities of the Oculus Go/Quest is able...

jeimerng by Honored Guest
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Call to share Destination Names

Are there any devs willing to share their published app's destination names to enable app to app travel? We are working on a platform to reduce user friction and are looking to partner with developers of multiuser apps. Please reach out at partners@r...

ronjart by Explorer
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Oculus move

Hello there,I am a young student interested in oculus quest and also programing a fitness app for it in unity engine.I read about oculus quest MOVE in the forum that since sep 2020 will be uploaded to the glasses, but I cant find any information rega...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Cannot Create a Meta for Developers account

I opened a case, 6774076, with Meta support and they directed me to these forums and closed the ticket. Although, the case is not resolved. On page , Contact info, Error: "Email cannot be sen...

Resolved! Collecting payment outside App Lab

I thought I read that Oculus won't allow us to collect income/payments for app lap apps outside of the Oculus platform without some kind of agreement with them. But I can't seem to find that, and I just now ran across this post that says we can sell ...

Unlock 7z file without Password

If you want to Unlock 7z File without password then you can go with PassFixer 7z password Recovery Software. It provides powerful methods to open/unlock 7z files. It provides the facility to recover lost 7z file password with- Brute Force Attack, Mas...

Side Loaded apk keeps disappearing

Using Side Quest, and after performing a factory reset on my Oculus 2 headset, I was successful loading an apk from a developer. I was able to locate and run the apk in an Experiential link I found on my headset. The application worked perfect. Once ...

Bug in the oculus developer dashboard

Hello, I am facing an issue where I can't access our test users. I contacted support via the Zendesk platform and they say it seems to be a bug, but they can't do anything about it and suggested I post here for a possible solution. Would someone have...

Quest Pro Eye Tracking Specs

Wondering if anyone here, or at Meta, is able to give any details on the specifications of the eye tracking hardware the Quest Pro uses. We are wanting to conduct some studies but are unable to continue with Quest Pro hardware if Meta will not disclo...

MrRaNd0m by Honored Guest
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How to overcome the "sweetspot" effect

Hi all!My team is making a visual training app in VR, currently on the Quest 2. Our existential issue has for a while been visual clarity, especially towards the edges of the display. A core requirement for the project, being that it is indeed visual...

nerol333 by Honored Guest
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Replace Assets After Approved

so my game got approved and it now on applab, but all my picture and trailer are old so i want to replace to new assets but I can't replace it to new one, do you know how fix it?

Ph0enix01 by Honored Guest
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Unable to upload game

I developed an app and wanted to upload it to the facebook Quest(App Lab) platform, but I tried many methods and failed to upload itHere's what I've tried and failed 1.The upload button in the app is grayed out, and the MQDH cannot be uploaded2.Using...

qmcs by Honored Guest
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Verification "to prevent misuse" feedback

Hey folks,Seeing people getting their verification at last so I thought I'd give it a shot again after 2 days since I got told "to prevent misuse we have limited your submissions" etc when I only tried to resubmit ONCE since the change to the system ...


Is Magic Room free to use in Meta Quest Pro?

My company is looking forward to using the Meta Quest Pro for design review purposes.Is the Magic Room feature of Meta Quest Pro a free to use feature?If not, what is its pricing?Also is there some package that I can use to build an application based...

gkay1 by Honored Guest
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Collecting Real Names in Bugs by Population :One

The application "Population One" has started collecting real names in the non-English reporting function. Not so with the English version of the text. So this app is starting to collect real names as an unintended bug. In other words, it collects unn...

pqpq8 by Honored Guest
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