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Hello. Im trying to run the sample project of Mixed reality. but when i build on Visual Studio i get this error;Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression Stat...

deimov by Honored Guest
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AutoDriver is not working on Oculus Quest2

Dear All,I tried to record inputs using AutoDriver as mentioned in the following link : used batch files in the following link:

Can't create a new release channel

Hi, I am trying to create an additional release channel for one of our apps and I get an error. I've opened a ticked with Meta dev support team but apparently they can't help. Anyone has any ideas why this is happening/ how it can be fixed? (error at...


Adding apps to Meta Admin Center

I'm developing corporate VR experiences and am attempting to manage my applications and deployments through the Admin Center, which is recommended by Meta for device management. I cannot find a simplified way to add apps to devices without going thro...

Vconquest by Honored Guest
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How to create an 360 image and 3D effect?

Hi,i saw an interesting video here on how to create a 360° panorama image for VR using Photoshop. You have a kind of panorama template for orientation, on which you can draw. But how do you now create a 3D effect so that it looks like the cube is tan...

360-3D-tests-wuerfel-1.jpg 360-3D-test-wuerfel-stereocop.jpg 2024-01-07_12h48_19.jpg
rene360 by Honored Guest
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Please let us developers access the cameras

Please permit us developers access to the cameras/pass through texture/mesh. We can make cool mixed reality apps with that. Privacy is not an issue because you can implement a permission that asks the user if he allows it. Many big companies do it li...

Look for trained fighting BOT

Hi everyone,Hope this is the right place to post. I'm looking for some 3D fighting BOT, to import on a project. Is there a marketplace to look for this kind of things? I'm looking for something "trained" maybe with different level of difficulties, an...

Maverik81 by Honored Guest
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Help needed

I am a rancher and I would like help developing a way to use vr products to more efficient handle my fields and planting. I’m wanting to do something to help myself and other farmers and ranchers with mapping their fields. In certain fields on my pro...

CAD File

Hello is it possible to obtain a CAD file of the Meta Quest Touch Pro Controller, maybe even as a STEP file?

Je n'arrive pas a acheter un jeux

Bonjour, j'ai entré sur l'application meta quest une carte de crédit prépayée Mastercard Joker et lorsque j'achète un jeux il y a un message qui s'affiche me disant que la carte a été refusé pourtant, la carte est belle et bien activer et elle compor...

MGrognon by Honored Guest
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Meta Ray Ban to PC

Man super disappointed that the glasses can’t connect to my PC. My old razor did but the sound wasn’t great. I work from home and thought it’s perfect for meetings. Prob going to return it now. So stupid to limit it. Is it capable for over the air up...

J2common by Honored Guest
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Hand tracking lacking - track hitchhiker's thumb

Noticed two scenarios where hand tracking does not work well When hands are crossedHitchhiker's thumb ( 24–36% of the U.S. population can bend their thumbs backwards by 90 degrees)Add more training data to track them better?

Jzege by Honored Guest
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APPLAB Admin Verification

Hello, im a solo game developer working on a VR game and im trying to publish it with APPLAB but im running into an issue with it every time i submit a legal document for the Admin Verification it gets declined ive followed all the ininstructios all ...

How can i contact the Developer Support

I can't find a way to contact the developersupport.I wanted to upload my game to Applab, but first I have toperform the Organization verification.When uploading the ID card, I always get an email that my photo does not meet the requirements.(Name, ph...

adeade by Explorer
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We have found an open source called pd-for-android, written in JAVA, that allows to transform analog and MIDI signals into music. Do you know if it is possible to incorporate it into a Quest VR software and be able to play musical notes with an iRig2...

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