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Dev fraud using meta domain

  A false dev group is using facebook to steal local and state data and posing as a real google dev env, is creating phished sites to steal HBC and DWP data within phished domains. Reported on twitter: goooseberrypieInc using my staff id and distribu...

Screenshot_2023-09-29-06-12-16-62_3aea4af51f236e4932235fdada7d1643.jpg Screenshot_2023-09-29-06-12-06-23_3aea4af51f236e4932235fdada7d1643.jpg

Extended Periods Thresholds

Hello,I am working with a developer who is creating their first VR App/game. When reviewing the VRCs, in particular the VRC.Quest.Performance.1 test case. The expected results readsThe application should not experience extended periods of framerate b...

Meta 3 or Meta Pro

Hi guys,I mostly develop in sketchup and cinema 4d and am looking to get a Meta headset to display my work and possibly start modelling directly on the headset. Would you recommend a Meta Quest 3 or a Meta Quest Pro for this?Thanks in advance,Maarten

User Id used for IAP S2S REST Requests

Hi Support, For IAP S2S requests in this doc: 1. Verify Item OwnerShip: there is no user id in the request, is this intended? if yes, how will oculus identify the user?curl -d "access_toke...

ward1992 by Honored Guest
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Launching video from desktop app

Hello there!I am very new to this so please bear with my if I am asking sonething silly.I am currently studing a 2 years programming course, and I am in the process of designing a final project for the course. I want this project to be a desktop app ...

Trying to access an existing organisation

I wish to submit an app for my company though when I click on 'create an organisation' it tells me that 'that organisation is already in existence'. Someone else from my organisation has already created a developer account with it which is presumably...

IanB1000 by Honored Guest
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Search privacy

Search privacy which i mean to searching privancy, i want to know can we built a software which shows us who searching apps and who making think about apps.For example, a person A is searching about meta now by search privacy we can see what the pers...

Gaurr by Honored Guest
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Build Upload Failed

I am having a problem uploading the latest build for my game to the Alpha channel. I've found several similar posts, but in each of those there's at least some sort of error information. Here's what I get...Not a lot to go on there. In case it's some...


Multiple Developers using one headset.

We have a Meta Quest Pro and we have multiple developers who want to develop for it. What practical way can this be achieved? It seems that only the owner account can side load apps for testing to the headset and all subsequent accounts are unable to...

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